March 15th, 2013 – Washington Post Reviews DA2

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The Washington Post’s Timothy Smith calls DA2 a “Wonderful Addition” to the series.

In 2011, Overlook Press came out with “Deadline Artists,” one of the greatest collections of newspaper articles ever compiled. The volume included Bob Considine’s breathless account of Joe Louis knocking out Max Schmeling, Thomas Boswell’s tally of why baseball is so much better than football and Mitch Albom’s searing account of a teenager’s murder and its impact on a small Michigan town. I read the book in a day. Now John Avlon of the Daily Beast; Jesse Angelo, recently named publisher of the New York Post; and Errol Louis of NY1 News in New York have put together an equally superb sequel, “Deadline Arists: Scandals, Tragedies and Triumphs.” Read More…


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